Hot-Star Franchise

Become a Hot-Star Franchisee

Hot-Star Large fried Chicken is the most famous snack from Shih Lin Night Market in Taipei. We are currently looking for potential franchisees in Australia. If you are interested in having your own Hot-Star Outlet in Australia please fill in the form.

Brand Promise

We promise, as simple as our goal is, to deliver street food that is authentically Taiwanese and amazingly addictive!

The Story

Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken, the creator of the larger than palm-sized crispy chicken and the most popular Taipei Shi-Lin Night Market snack is here in Australia! You can now satisfy your craving of the authentic Taiwanese oversized crispy chicken that is oh-so-moist and tender on the inside and deep-fried to perfection and bursting with flavor on the outside at any of our locations in Australia.

Brand Assurance

You also deserve our assurance that our scrumptious treats are prepared wholeheartedly as we are committed in improving the safety and quality of food through our certification of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) System and ISO 22000, the preferred food safety management systems worldwide. You will be assured that only fresh poultry are delivered to our outlets daily and all our ingredients are without preservatives and artificial flavourings! You definitely can treat yourself to a meal!

We use 100% Chicken Breast, Not Processed!

“No preservatives, no additives, not frozen chicken.
Fried to order, always cooked fresh.”

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